• Moka Harar Coffee (Whole Bean)

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    100% Moka Harar Coffee, from the birthplace of coffee. The original domesticated coffee plant is said to be from the Harar region of the Ethiopian Highlands. Moka Harar, an exotic heirloom coffee, continues to be cultivated on small farms in the Harar region at elevations of over 5,000 ft.

    Handpicked and processed traditionally and naturally by the method of sun-drying, allowing the fruity taste of the coffee berry to impart to the beans creating a complex taste that combines wild fruitiness with a bold dark chocolate flavor that resonates in the cup.

    Roast: City (Light-Medium)

    Grind: Whole Bean

    Process: Natural (Sun Dried)

    Single Origin: Harar Region of Ethiopia

    NET WT 1.5lbs (680g)