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Leading supplier of advanced coffee solutions
in the beverage industry

Acacia Tree Farms is a socially responsible company founded by two entrepreneurial couples with Ethiopian roots and a deep passion for coffee. Our mission is to empower farmers in the Harar region of Ethiopia and revolutionize the way coffee is sourced and consumed.

We understand that the coffee industry has historically faced challenges related to transparency and traceability. To address this, we have embraced an innovative blockchain model in our supply chain. By leveraging blockchain technology, we ensure that every step of our coffee's journey, from cultivation to your cup, is fully traceable and transparent. This not only promotes accountability but also allows consumers to have confidence in the ethical sourcing of our coffee.


Acacia Tree Farms leads the way in innovative coffee and tea solutions for the beverage sector. Our commitment lies in sourcing natural, premium-quality ingredients to craft products that not only meet customer expectations but also align with current consumer trends. The ready-to-drink coffee and tea segment represents the most rapidly expanding market globally within the beverage industry. This surge is driven by consumers’ increasing preference for health-conscious, functional beverages that offer added benefits beyond traditional refreshment.


Acacia Tree Farms is revolutionizing the beverage landscape with its proprietary and innovative extraction methods and blends. Our offerings include a diverse range of products, from cold brew coffee to tea, and other popular beverages crafted from these bases. We harness natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans, cascara from the coffee fruit, hibiscus, green and black tea, among other emerging variants. Additionally, we've expanded our portfolio to include juices and lemonades that are enriched with these ingredients, providing a reciprocal infusion of flavors and benefits.


Acacia Tree Farms boasts a versatile array of canning and bottling facilities, equipped to handle a multitude of packaging formats. Our expansive global presence enables us to manufacture in diverse markets, optimizing for cost-efficiency and ensuring deep market penetration. This strategic positioning allows us to engage in local production on a global scale, tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs of each market.


Blockchain and Corporate Social Responsibility





Acacia Tree Farms works closely with major retail chains, manufacturing and suppling our retail partners with the highest quality products, both branded and private label, produced in one of our own facilities located in the US, Canada, Middle East, and Malaysia. All our products are of the highest quality and standard and we have the capability to produce shelf stable products with an extended shelf life in various categories including coffee and tea, clean energy alternatives, nitro, sparkling or still beverages and in various formats and packaging. Through our DSD partners we have also the ability to drop ship directly to stores or to deliver to shipping points or central distribution centres across the country and the around the world to support a regional, national or a global footprint.


Bag-in-box concentrates for food service and covenience and gas chanels are available for use by manual dispense or paired with equipment for automatic dispense




Counter-top equipment for convenience and gas applications , dispensing ready to drink nitro cold brew beverages

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Marco pour’d under counter equipment for food service applications , dosing shots of concentrate for mixing or blending and dispensing ready to drink beverages.

Acacia cold pressed espresso concentrate, perfect for adding a cold shot for beverages like, espresso martini, iced lattes, blended drinks and other beverages where a cold dose is preferrable over a hot shot of espesso. unmatched speed of service!

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Micro-Market and OCS Channel

Acacia tree farms concentrate and whole bean offerings are the ideal addition to any workplace seeking to enhance the daily coffee experience for employees. focus on convenience and quality of beverage through the various dispensing equipment that acacia tree farms products pair with. specialty-grade beverages, rivaling those from the top cafes. employees can enjoy barista-level coffee without having to leave the office. concentrate and ready to drink formats for a complete solution.


Equipment programs developed to place the right equipment solution for the right application , we strive to make sure our programs help drive increased volumes for operators


Our innovative oem equipment is disrupting the coffee and tea industry by offering specialty coffee and tea beverages served both hot or cold from one piece of equipment with an interactive touch screen that also connects to our blockchian technology . connecting the farmers direclty with the end user and prepearing all their favorite beverages:








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